Take it easy!

Leaving uni and finally entering real adulthood can be hard and disorientating, especially during this pandemic. The days blur into one, not eating enough or eating too much, no motivation to do anything, it can get overwhelming. But it’s important to remember that you’re not alone! These are testing times for everyone and you don’t have to have it all figured out already. While social media will have you feeling as though you should have moved out, started your career and be in a relationship at this age, the reality is, that is very uncommon. I sometimes fall into the trap of believing that I should be doing more right now but then I take a step back and remember I have only just graduated …. in a pandemic! Couple that with strikes and general final year stress we should be pretty proud of ourselves for what we have achieved because it definitely hasn’t been easy. Even if you are unsure of your next steps that is completely okay and you shouldn’t be disheartened by it, things will fall into place eventually. We have the rest of our lives ahead of us and the world really is our oyster – so don’t panic! During the current climate it is even more important to take care of your mental health and I have found that completing a daily task has helped me out. Whether that be going for a walk, applying for 5 jobs, doing some washing – however big or small, it does make you feel better about your day. Graduating and endlessly applying for jobs is tiring in itself without the added stress of a pandemic, so take it easy, it will come!

Just some thoughts for anyone else struggling at the moment,

Lou x

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