The bubble of social media and taking a step back.

The power and benefits of social media are very apparent throughout our day to day lives and I think this has only increased during the pandemic. 

Naturally, we follow like minded individuals as these are the people we resonate and have things in common with. In doing this, though, it’s so easy to get lost in the bubble of your online ‘community’ if you will. There have been so many times when I’ve had conversations with my friends and we’ve had to remind ourselves that we are not the majority. This is so easy to forget when everyone you follow has the same opinions as you. I’m not saying that this is a negative, because as previously mentioned – it’s natural. Just like the friends you pick, you gravitate to like minded people. However, I think it’s important to give yourself a reality check from time to time: despite what your TL says, is [this] actually a common thought or discussion? From there you may choose to raise awareness outside of your community or just leave it alone due to the realisation that it actually doesn’t matter. Both are good courses of action in my opinion!

Taking a step back and thinking for yourself sometimes is so important. Now, this may seem like an obvious and natural thing to do but Social Media shows me on a daily basis that this is not common practice. Maybe do some research around certain topics and ask yourself, ‘what do I actually think about this?’ You may come out with the same views you previously had but at least you came to your own conclusions. On the other hand, you may actually change your opinion – either way there can only be positives to come from taking those extra few minutes (or days) to think for yourself. 

Another note on social media is to remember that some of these takes and opinions only exist online. Don’t break your back trying to uphold these impossible (and often stupid) standards. This is often said and of course a lot easier said than done – but these little reminders always help.

So, to recap: Reality check, do your research & do you!

Lou x

2 thoughts on “The bubble of social media and taking a step back.

  1. “Another note on social media is to remember that some of these takes and opinions only exist online.” THAT PART because people act like they don’t know this while others don’t even care. Very important because social media can become a lot. I really enjoyed your post.

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